Building a property in Krabi

Building a property in Krabi

After a fantastic vacation in the breathtaking province of Krabi, many foreigners fantasise about building a holiday villa or a permanent home in this colourful and vibrant corner of Thailand.

Many realise that their dream can be turned into a very affordable and potentially lucrative reality and decide to embark on a project to build their own unique Krabi villa. It is important to employ the services of a reputable Krabi architect and construction company to guide you through the entire process. Only they will have the expertise and local knowledge to ensure that the project is a smooth and stress-free experience.

One of the first questions a good architect will ask is ‘what do you intend to use the property for?’ It is crucial to understand from the outset, and certainly before you decide to purchase a plot of land, exactly how you intend to use the property both now, and in the future. If you plan to move to Krabi permanently, perhaps to enjoy early retirement, your property requirements will be entirely different from someone who intends to rent the property on the Krabi holiday villa market to generate an income. If you intend to do both, then you will need to strike an acceptable balance between your own personal requirements and the needs of future holiday guests.

The key considerations, that your Krabi property developer should be able to advise you on before you begin the design phase, are listed below: Krabi Location – is the property within walking distance of the Krabi beaches and local amenities and does it have a sea or mountain view? Being located close to the beach and tourist facilities, with the bonus of a beautiful view, will make your property more attractive to the holiday rental market. If you don’t plan to rent it out, you may still find it important to be close to local facilities, particularly as you get older and a desirable location will always add value to your investment. Security – a secure perimeter wall will ensure that holiday guests feel safe from intruders. If you are planning to live there yourself, you may feel more comfortable knowing that your home is protected from burglars and unwanted animals such as snakes and stray dogs.

Outside Space – most holiday guests will expect some form of outside space in which to make the most of the beautiful Krabi weather. For holiday rentals, attractive, low maintenance grounds are the ideal solution. If you intend to live in the property you can afford the luxury of a more elaborate garden, particularly if you have green fingers! Swimming Pool - Krabi pool villas are the most in demand and also command the highest rent.

It is essential to buy a plot of land with sufficient room for a good sized pool if you plan to rent out your property. If you aim to live in your Krabi villa full time and are prepared to maintain your pool, you’ll definitely be glad of this little extravagance, particularly during the hottest months when even the sea breeze can’t keep you cool. Utilities – make sure that standard utilities such as electricity, telephone and internet can be connected to the property. This is vital for both Krabi holiday villa rentals and if you want to be able to enjoy retirement in the standard to which you are accustomed.

Construction – Opting for a typical Thai construction will not only result in a property that is visually stunning, but it will also ensure that your Krabi villa stays cool without the need for expensive air conditioning. And a traditional Thai property is designed to cope with the humidity and monsoon weather, preventing unnecessary damage to the property and allowing easier maintenance. Lifestyle – if you are planning to retire in Krabi and you expect this to be your final home, you should consider the implications of old age. Make sure that your property is designed with ease of mobility in mind and if you make it wheelchair friendly, you will also open your Krabi holiday villa to a whole new rental market.