The stress-free way to build your own villa in Krabi.We have all dreamed of owning a villa in a tropical paradise like Krabi. Ton Company Ltd. can make those dreams come true!
Offering a unique service in Krabi, we provide professional and specialist help, from the start of the process - buying land, making plans - to the finish - landscaping and interior design. We will even manage your home and generate rental income for you, should you wish, after it is completed.

The team at Ton Company., Ltd. includes 18 people including licensed architects, licensed structural engineers, draftsmen, foremen & project managers. Ton company Ltd., is the leader in architecture, design, and construction management in Krabi.

Each project, large or small, is managed by one of the western staff, who ensure that everything runs smoothly, within budget and on schedule, so you don't have to!