Ton Company Co., Ltd. specialise in all types of tiling, different materials ranging from ceramics, metal, glass, porcelain & natural stone - slate, limestone, travertine, granite & marble. Mosaics to large format, all fixing utilises the market leading adhesives & grouts available to suit the application.

Enhance your kitchen or your bathroom with our stylish tile designs or allow us to turn your designs into reality. Our fully trained professional tile fixers can help with advice on designs, colours, enhancing, restoration, sealing & polishing. You can contact Ton Company for further info.

Here at Ton Company Co., Ltd. we are using Tile Levelling Systems and working with Lasers for best results.
Tile Levelling System automatically aligns the tiles and ensures that the surface of the tiles is level The clips allow the tile fixer to space the tiles at exactly the same width throughout the instal-lation to prevent any variation in a grout joint. The wedges ensure that the tiles are held at an even height until the grout sets

Alignment Tiles with a Tile Laser Level.
When we're installing tiles, we have to take care of one important aspect: the right alignment and placement of tiles. Lasers enhance productivity, both in terms of speed to complete layout, and accuracy. For best results we are using good quality tile laser levels.