Marc Ribail
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Dear Pierre-Yves

We have had a very professional and trustworthy relationship with yourself and your team who is great to work with

Your professionalism in servicing guests, keeping yours listing updated on our web sites and paying due commission promptly is amongst the best within our villa suppliers and I would happily recommend anyone to work with you.

I look forward to a continuous and mutually beneficial business relationship

I remain at your disposal for any further information

With best regards

Marc Ribail
Managing Director
Web Marketing & Reservations Co., Ltd
Developing a better world for property managers and owners

Mark Christopher Breda
Written by Administrator
Monday, 12 September 2011 13:15
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My experiences building a home with Ton Company Ltd.

If you’re reading this, you may be considering the services of Ton (Pierre-Yves) Loriers and his Architecture/Construction/Management firm; Ton Company Ltd. 

In January of 2006, I entered into a business relationship with the Ton Company.  I work in Africa so I needed someone to build my dream beach house while I was not present in Ao Nang.   

From our very first meeting I felt relieved to have found Ton.  He listened carefully to what I wanted and seriously considered my concerns.  He demonstrated how Ton Company was an established organization with capable employees.  Ton then explained the process of building a home and I appreciated how simple it could be for me.  Mostly, I admired Ton’s honesty.  He was very straightforward about potential problems and realistic about finances from the beginning.  Because of his frankness, there were relatively few surprises once the building started.     

The next step was to begin working with Ton Company’s architect, Jiept.  After working with Jiept for nearly two years now, I can guarantee that his creative energy is limitless.  Jiept is the quintessential artist, sans the temperamental ego.  When Jiept sent me the first draft of blue prints, I saw an outstanding job.  He had incorporated traditional Thai architecture into my very contemporary house and it looked great.  Into the design, Jiept had included attractive shapes, innovative flows, and smart ideas.  

Breda BeachBefore building began, Ton worked hard to provide all the on-site support I needed - since I didn’t live in Thailand.  He worked on a bill of quantities to protect me from exorbitant costs; he secured the building permit even though he met serious bureaucratic challenges, and he collaborated on a number of issues with my Bangkok-based lawyers.  When Ton sent my final blue prints to building contractors for tender, he advised me as to which was the highest quality builder and he then negotiated effectively for me so that the price came down to what I could afford.  Ton has been utterly loyal to me; he made sure that I never got cheated.  After the building began, Ton kept me constantly updated with the progress.  He sent me digital photos weekly so that I could see my house as it materialized.  Whenever there was an issue, such as a floor material or a roofing type, he sent me options by e-mail and he always included his advice so that I could make an informed decision. Ton never made any significant decisions without my approval.  Finally, Ton positioned several of his staff (an engineer and a draftsman) everyday at my building site so that they could monitor the builders work and prevent any problems.   Throughout both the blue print and the building phases, I did made several last minute changes.  These variations were always welcomed by Ton and Jiept.  In response, they only tried to understand and solve my issues; they were never negative. 

To finally see the finished house with my own eyes, I went to Thailand in  October 2007.  Please see the photos I have included.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  In short, I’m 100% satisfied.  Most noticeable is Ton’s discriminating taste and attention to detail.  It was clear that Ton had been committed to provide me with a house of superior quality that was also easy to maintain.  The house is both modern and traditional; it’s comfortable, classy, interesting, spacious, and most importantly; it met all of my needs and concerns.  My new house conveys a positive, sunny vibe; largely because of the clever design, solid construction, and the Feng Sui style (it’s build around a gigantic 20 meter pool).  Lastly, I want to mention the rest of the staff at Ton Company.  I’ve found all staff of the entire 18 -member company to be sensible, accommodating, and… just a pleasure to work with.  I’m extremely pleased with the work executed by Ton and the entire staff at Ton Company. 

With sincerity,

Mark Christopher Breda
PEPFAR Program Director
Makerere University Walter Reed Project
Kampala, Uganda
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Philippe Hollebecq
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Regarding: Ton Company limited
PhillippeAs we we were looking to buy land, Ton was a great help not only looking for the right parcel but especially making the deal go through. Then we asked Ton Company Limited to act as architect, engineer and general contractor for the construction of my villa located at in Ao Nang beach, Krabi, Thailand. We did appreciate that Ton Company was able to handle this project from the architectural design to the finishing detail of the construction. This saved us the aggravation of having to deal with different company for each aspect of the project.   
We found Ton Company to be a highly ethical, competent and effective contractor. The hotel building permit was obtained in a timely manner; this type of building permit is complicated to obtain in Thailand. The work was completed within the contract amount in a very workmanlike manner.
The completion date was delayed somewhat from the promised date through no fault of the contractor. The project was built during the booming construction period and construction supplies and material were in short supply. Ton Company was effective in dealing with these problems and minimized the delay to the completion of our project.
The workmanship was first rate, particularly in the "finish" area, and furthermore, Ton company was extremely responsive in handling any and all problems encountered during the warranty period.
I would highly recommend Ton Company for any building projects that fit within their size capability and would most certainly put them at the top of the list for any additional construction projects considered.

Very truly yours,

Philippe Hollebecq
Los Angeles, California

Kara Nesimiuk and Todd Haines
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Baan MalisaOnce we decided to buy land and build in Ao Nang, our search began.  We really appreciated the fact that Ton was able to not only show us many available lots that he had contacts for, but he was also able to find out information regarding available land we had scouted out ourselves. His knowledge of Ao Nang and his experience in the region was invaluable as we narrowed our search.  Eventually finding the perfect piece of land, Ton and his staff were able to facilitate the sale, and our relationship with Ton Company developed as we began the building process.

We took some time to develop our unique layout using nothing more than a piece of floorplan design software. Working with the architects at Ton Company was a pleasure as we fine-tuned the design and came up with the final blueprint.  Jom and Jiept were great to share their ideas with us, and were also open to ours – it was a great collaboration.

It was an exciting day in March 2007 as we broke ground and began construction.  Since that time, the staff at Ton Company has been great about documenting the entire process and sending us weekly photos.  The fact that we were able to see what was going on, and felt free to ask questions about the process, reaffirmed our decision to have Ton Company take on our project. The construction team, under the supervision of Khun Toi, was well chosen by Ton.  They understood what we wanted in our final product, and worked to get it just right.

We are extremely pleased with Baan Malisa, and through this process have developed a great relationship with Ton and his staff.  We are grateful to have Ton Company as Property Manager for Baan Malisa. Having experienced a great design, construction and management process with Baan Malisa, we find ourselves already looking forward to working with Ton and the entire staff at Ton Company as we begin the construction of our second villa in Ao Nang.

Kara Nesimiuk and Todd Haines
Doha, Qatar
Robert Reynolds
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Refrence Ton Company :

I have known Ton for over 7 years in a number of capacities. We have worked together on several different projects, including  property development and restaurants. The major theme that underlies Ton's work is his commitment to quality. You will not find this in most any local Krabi builders, and outside of Ton I have used solely architects and designers from Bangkok. In terms of your priorities in building a project, quality and cost controls should be at the top of your list. In these areas the Ton company excels. Being able to communicate in English is an added plus, as many difficulties will arise out of honest miscommunications.

Your best bet is to view his projects, both those under construction as well as those  that are finished. I would attach less importance to landscaping as it is a smaller percentage of your budget, and  an area where you will be able to find local expertise.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me,

Robert Reynolds
Managing Director
Krabi Consultants

Peter Bjerregaard, MD, Dr.Med.Sci.
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Ton Company has been of particularly valuable help in the process regarding the renovation of an existing Thai house in a village near Krabi town. In the design phase, Ton Company over a series of meetings with us managed to distil our thoughts and wishes into a set of detailed blueprints for the builder. The whole construction phase was supervised by Ton Company, who sent us regular report and pictures of the process, and when everything was finished we met with Ton Company and the builder and identified things to be rectified, especially things hidden to layman’s eyes such as the sewerage and water systems. We have throughout the process been very satisfied with the quality of the service rendered by Ton and his staff and have appreciated the friendly interest they took in our project. Furthermore at a reasonable price considering the quality. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ton Company to our friends.

Peter Bjerregaard, MD, Dr,Med.Sci.
Professor of Arctic Healte
National Institute of Public Healte