The Beach House: Inspired by Nature
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Thursday, 13 June 2013 16:32
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The Beach HouseWith the completion of their latest project, a 4 bedroom beachfront villa known simply as “The Beach House”, Ton Company Ltd has upped the ante for architecture and construction in the Krabi area

The Beach House, located on a private cove in Krabi, Thailand, is no ordinary villa build. The site is surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs, and borders a mangrove beach, with views across to the islands in the National Marine Park.

The uniqueness of the site demanded something special, something that was not the standard “L-shape around pool” design. The architect and contractor, Ton Company Ltd, came up with a plan consisting of four separate buildings, connected by a communal terrace, with each being oriented to take maximum advantage of the stunning natural landscape. Guests can enjoy views from all rooms - including the bathrooms, with the use of one-way mirror glass.

The buildings – three of which house bedrooms, and another the semi-open-air living, dining and kitchen space – minimize the environmental impact of the villa and increase the sense of space: in total, the built area of the plot has been kept to only 20%, leaving 80% green space. And, by keeping most of the existing trees, the villa is barely visible from the sea, thus preserving the integrity of the coastline.

The low-rise structures use natural sea breezes and cross ventilation for cooling. This, coupled with high cathedral ceilings and double insulated cavity walls, mean air conditioning is usually only necessary during the night time. The central cooling system is hidden behind panels in each room.

As recommended by all major environmental bodies, greywater (run-off from sinks, bathtubs and showers) is reused through an underground garden irrigation system, which keeps the lawn green without using additional water.

The Beach HouseThe materials used for construction in The Beach House are, in many cases, a novelty in the Krabi area. Instead of traditional tiles, The Beach House owners opted for tiny blue-black ceramic and glass mosaic tiles in the infinity swimming pool, which required many weeks of skilled labour to install.

Asphalt shingles on the roof allowed for a marine inspired design, as they are flexible and easily cut, creating beautifully clean curved rooflines that mimic the hull of a boat. But the advantage of asphalt is not just aesthetic. The shingles are exceptionally watertight, as well as lightweight, which meant the roof structure could be greatly simplified. This in turn reduced the amount of material used in the frame, for a positive impact on both the environment and on building costs.

The villa’s proximity to the sea meant usual building materials needed to be changed to take into account the environmental factor of salty air. All windows are UPVC, with galvanized steel frames; the roof frame is made out of locally-sourced hardwood – the same used for boat building.

Finally, the villa kitchen is equipped to catering standard, as it is expected to play host to weddings and other celebrations. Efficient food preparation and serving were high priorities in the design process, with features such as an in-counter waste bins and extra wide surfaces.

The Beach House is truly a unique property in this part of Thailand and Ton Company is proud of its achievements in the design and construction of the villa.

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Colourful Thai Life
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 13:42
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand Celebrates ‘Colourful Thai Life’ in their Photography Competition

Krabi Riviera Co. Ltd. is actively supporting Thailand’s dynamic tourist authority and the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand. Together, they have devised a fun and creative way of promoting the natural beauty and vibrancy of this delightful country.

This is a truly exciting and imaginative challenge for those who love photography. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is inviting photographers to enter their work into a competition; the objective is to produce an image that captures the enticing characteristics of this fascinating kingdom. In doing so, they will be raising awareness of Thai lifestyle and the importance of preserving it for years to come.

KrabiPhotography enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice in finding themes for their photographs. Thailand has so much to offer in terms of scenery due to its magnificent coastlines, stunning countryside and fantastic architecture. Also, the bustling cities and traditional Thai markets will give many opportunities to experience and capture images of the real Thailand.

Bangkok alone will stimulate the imagination due to its diverse mix of culture and architecture. There are a multitude of exotic temples, which emphasize Thailand’s strong Buddhist history. One of the most spectacular is the Wat Pho temple, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha due to its enormous statue of a reclining Buddha, which measures 46 metres long and is decorated with gold leaf. The regal Grand Palace, the major architectural symbol of the Thai Royal Family, is also a dramatic and awe inspiring sight. Its vibrantly coloured roof and gleaming spires are regarded by some as the most highly recognized architectural landmark of the nation.

In contrast, the winding Chao Phraya River provides ample opportunity to see traditional Thai life from the water. In the past, residents of Bangkok usually settled by the river, and many traditional ways of life are still evident amongst those who continue to live there. It is also possible to find floating markets along some of the remaining canals connected to the river.

Those photographers seeking inspiration from nature could visit some of the rural provinces of Thailand. For instance, Krabi has a beautiful coastline with dramatic limestone cliffs towering over the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. The Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is another area of outstanding natural beauty. This unusual, lowland forest is a superb place to spot rare animals and plant species, together with absorbing the beautiful surroundings around the amazing crystal lagoon. There are also some stunning beaches in Krabi, such as those at Ao Nang, Railay and Ton Sai.

Krabi can also boast an excellent selection of accommodation for those searching this beautiful province for the perfect picture. For example, Krabi Riviera Co Ltd provides an outstanding range of villas that are ideal for couples, families or groups of friends. All villas offer 5 star comfort, including private swimming pools, a personal concierge service, and some first-rate complimentary services.

Entries for the competition must be submitted by 30 June, 2013. Therefore, those wishing to enter should not delay in visiting this enticing country and sampling the abundance of colourful, photographic opportunities it has to offer.


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Working with a reputable architect in Thailand
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Krabi ArchitectMany people dream of designing and building their own villa so that they can live in the tropical paradise of Thailand in style – Ton Company Ltd. is proud to have made that dream come true for countless satisfied customers. We have over 10 year’s experience, with more than 60 successful Architecture and Construction projects in Thailand already under our belt.

Designing and building your own property from scratch, can be the most rewarding experience. It can also be challenging and stressful, particularly in a foreign country where you are unfamiliar with the language, culture and local construction industry. We have the wealth of experience and local industry knowledge to make your project both a stress-free and enjoyable process.

We are the number one Krabi Developer, delivering architecture and construction projects throughout Thailand including Krabi, Phuket and Trang. Thai architecture is highly distinctive and specifically designed for a tropical climate - we specialize in Asian Tropical Architecture and Construction and are familiar with both typical Phuket Architecture and Koh Samui Architecture.

Our qualified team of construction professionals speaks English, French and Thai. Our management team consists of licensed Architects, licensed Construction Engineers, Foremen, Project Manager and Landscape Designers. Every project is allocated to a dedicated Project Manager who will take personal responsibility for ensuring all your requirements are met.

Our unique and comprehensive Architect & Construction Service encompasses the complete ‘end to end’ process from buying land and creating construction plans to adding finishing touches such as landscaping and interior design. We even offer a Property Management Service if you want to generate a future rental income.

If you have already decided that Thailand is the location for your new home, then you won’t need us to remind you of the many benefits of living in this most beautiful and vibrant country!

Initial Consultation

So, you have made the important decision to build your dream villa in Thailand and you are now ready to turn that dream into a reality.

Your initial consultation is an exciting opportunity for you to share with us your vision and discuss your functional requirements. This will include the type of construction, specifics on the number and size of the rooms and their intended occupants and purpose.

We will ask you many questions at this stage as we want to pin down your exact requirements as early as possible so that we can provide realistic advice on what is achievable within your proposed budget. We will also furnish you with ideas and recommendations of our own, which you may also wish to consider.

As part of our comprehensive service we can also purchase the land on your behalf – if you opt to do this independently then it is important to bring along any documentation related to your plot so we can ensure that there are no potential issues that may affect the project.

Based upon your first consultation an architect from Ton Company will give you an initial proposal confirming the project scope and provide you with a preliminary cost estimate.


Our core design concept is to create simple, yet elegant Thai villas designed for tropical living such as the traditional Krabi Design and Build. The layout should be practical and maximize space and we will take care to ensure that ongoing maintenance is manageable and economical.

We regard every design project as collaboration between the architect and the client and view our clients as contributing members of the design team. In fact, we encourage an open dialogue throughout the entire process and our client inclusive approach ensures that you receive continual expert advice and guidance on all aspects your project.

Based on information gathered in your initial consultation, our architect will provide you with a Schematic Design to give you a visual image of the property and the room layout. This is not intended to be the finished article and your architect will continually revise the design with you, until you are 100% satisfied. You will review the Schematic Design together to ensure that you are happy with the room layout, flow and the overall look and feel. Your architect will also explain anything that is not clear, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. We want to ensure that we are all working towards the same end result and it is significantly easier to make changes to the design at this early stage!

Design Refinement and Development

We will propose the most efficient and cost effective method for construction and constantly evaluate the design throughout the entire design and development phase.

At this stage your architect will present a much more detailed Schematic Design to provide you with a picture of the finished product. It will include the structural elements, plumbing and electrical installations and even details of the finishes, such as lighting arrangements etc. We will help you check the Schematic Design thoroughly and only once we have answered all of your questions and you are completely satisfied, will we ask you to approve the design.

Construction Documents

Next your architect will prepare the Construction Documents that must be submitted to gain a permit or approval to build – don’t worry, your dedicated Project Manager will lead the entire process for obtaining build permission, so you are in safe hands. It is at this stage in a build project that you should investigate reliable builders and contractors, but again, Ton Company Ltd. will take care of that for you.

We also have our own construction team so depending on availability we will be happy to bid on the project as well.

Hiring the Contractors

As soon as the Construction Documents are complete we will begin to source the contractors for construction. With our in-depth knowledge of local Thai contractors, we perform a number of critical activities on your behalf including:

  • Pre-qualifying contractors for invitation to tender.
  • Analyzing tender bids from selected contractors and conducting tender negotiation.
  • Selecting contractor(s) and preparing all necessary contracts.
  • Agreeing construction timelines with contractors to ensure work will complete within project timelines.


This is the moment that you have been waiting for, although it can prove the most busy and stressful aspect of the entire project. However, with Ton Co. Ltd. managing the entire construction for you, you are able to sit back and enjoy watching your dream take shape and finally become reality!

Your dedicated Project Manager will adopt a strong ‘hands-on’ approach and perform the following activities:

  • Evaluate monthly bills from the contractor to ensure no over payments
  • Evaluate and cost all variation requests from the contractor
  • Maintain Project Accounts.
  • Prepare final Project Accounts in preparation for client handover.
  • Identify areas that require specialist contractors such as landscaping
  • Manage on site construction using specialist inspectors and engineers to ensure all building works comply to quality expectations and Building Regulations
  • Ensure full Health and Safety procedures are adhered to.
  • Handle day-to-day site issues such as "Requests for Information", and ‘Requests for Approval’
  • Conduct regular site meetings with contractors to address issues and ensure progress
  • Ensure construction works remain on budget.


At last your new home is ready! As we want to ensure that your villa is everything you dreamt of, our Project Manager will provide a full aftercare service so that you can move in and enjoy peace of mind. Your Project Manager will:

  • Compile a ‘Defects’ list and manage all defects until resolved
  • Handover to client and manage the defect liability period for a further 12 months.

With a reputation for exceptionally high quality Thai architecture, we are confident that you will our find competitive prices and excellent customer service impossible to beat. We are more than happy to show you our current projects and arrange a visit to one of our sites, so why not contact us today to make an appointment?

This Article (C) 2011 by Ton Co., Ltd. All right reserved

Designing for the future
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Krabi ArchitectTon Company Ltd continues to invest in people, recently bringing in new talent to join its in-house architectural team. Here, we meet Somphong Yeabsul (Khun Tae), an accomplished licensed architect with 9 years of experience following his graduation from Mahasarakham University and Masters Degree from Chulalongkorn University. A specialist in building and environmental technology, he has worked in all the major tourist areas of Thailand – Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Phuket – before his move to Krabi to join the area’s leading architecture and construction firm.

How do you find Krabi compares with other tourist areas in Thailand in terms of the rate and quality of housing developments?

I would say Krabi is most similar to Koh Samui, as it was maybe 3 – 5 years ago. Many people compare Krabi with Phuket, but actually in Phuket the trend is now for very luxurious residential property and at a much higher density – in town homes and condominiums. In Krabi, I think the great advantage is that you have so much space and land is not so expensive. It is still possible to build an affordable individual villa on a large plot, which is ultimately what most people prefer.

You have worked in an international setting and with many foreign clients for the past 5 years: what would you say are the main issues for them when planning a holiday or retirement villa in Thailand?

The biggest issues are usually climate related. The weather in Thailand is much more hot and humid and also there is a lot of torrential rain during monsoon season. These factors influence the design a lot more than many clients imagine. I try to design homes that blend western functions and facilities with local architectural features to create comfortable and practical living spaces with good air flow. Shaded outdoor space is also very important as most people will end up spending much more time outside than they may first imagine.

In terms of style, my portfolio is quite varied, which fits well with Ton Company’s own range of residential projects. I like to work across the board from simple, but functional town homes to modern and innovative statement villas – it depends what the client wants from the project.

How do you use your training in building technology on the job?

Building technology involves incorporating the latest scientific research into the project design to make it environmentally-friendly on various levels.  For example, I am very interested in energy conservation and designing energy-efficient homes that work with the natural environment. So it is important as an architect to choose appropriate and durable building materials to reduce power consumption and wear and tear; and also to design spaces that maximise natural ventilation and ensure natural light and shade at the right times of day. These things help to protect and reduce the impact on the environment, and also keep running and maintenance costs down for the owner – both major concerns for Ton Company.

A technical understanding of the construction materials also allows me to work more effectively with our in-house engineer, Khun Sittiporn, which means a smoother design process for the client.

What happens after the design has been completed and approved? Do you then move on to the next project?

No, not at all! In my previous employment I was also a “site architect”, which I will continue to do here at Ton Company. This means I will work on site during construction to ensure the plan is delivered correctly by the building team and also be on hand to make updated drawings or corrections to the original plan as work progresses. This allows us, for example, to make sure tiles are laid without breaks if the actual floor space differs from the plan dimensions by a few centimetres; or to offer immediate solutions if the clients change their mind about anything.

What are you working on at the moment?

Our latest project is creating a group of five villas in the Ao Thalane area, for some clients who work in the construction industry in the Middle East. It’s been a very interesting process as they have a lot of knowledge about the building techniques for hot climates, though not so much about high humidity. We have had a good exchange of ideas and now we are working on the designs.

I am really looking forward to working here at Ton Company and also in Krabi. This seems to be an exciting time for the area and it is very open to fresh ideas and innovation, especially in the field of environmentally friendly housing. Krabi is famed for its natural beauty and we should want to protect it as much as possible.

 This Article (C) 2011 by Ton Co., Ltd. All right reserved

Selling your villa to the world
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Krabi VillaDo you have a new holiday home in Krabi that could be earning you income? Ton Co. Ltd., the leader in property management in Ao Nang, will do everything possible to promote it with a comprehensive rental program and dedicated website marketing team

Jittakarn Hemjit (Karn) is a graduate of Bangkok University, majoring in English. After embarking on a career, her first employer tasked her with creating a website – something she knew little about at the time. Through self-tuition, she discovered a passion for web design and has since followed up with specialized courses in Photoshop and web marketing. Since 2008 she has been working for Ton Company as webmaster and in that time has tripled their portfolio of websites, as well as updating each in terms of design and technology.

“I really enjoy my work because it’s quite complex. Our websites have to serve many purposes: they are a marketing tool for the company; a ‘shop window’ for all the villas we manage; and a place to interact with current and future customers. So there are already three interest groups that need to be catered for: this requires careful planning and execution.“Customer experience is top of the list when we design a website. We focus on making the site easy to use, with good navigation and of course ample opportunities for guests to book and pay! This is very important for our other client group, the villa owners. Many people have a beautiful home and hope to rent it out while they are away, but it can be disappointing if the management company does not have a good system in place to attract bookings.

“We aim to offer a very fast turnaround for new villas. It takes only a few days to put a listing across Jittakarn Homjitour whole network. We use a professional photographer and copywriter to create the content, in order to make sure that the villa is presented in the best possible light. Then our software provides a dedicated availability calendar and an instant quotation and booking system with secure online credit card payment, which are key features that customers look for in any accommodation website.

“The online availability calendar can also be used directly by villa owners to view their bookings and to block the dates when they will be in their home.

“Our other focus alongside great customer experience is search engine optimization (SEO) and improving page ranking. This determines where a website will appear in search engine results. The parameters are constantly changing but I keep up to date with courses in Bangkok and we have a clear strategy to maintain our first page listing for certain keywords on all the major search engines (, Yahoo and Bing).

“In addition we are always developing new websites to build our brand, which has been in existence for ten years, and we have made professional translations of our content to push the brand into new markets in Asia and Europe – we recently started offering a Russian version of our main booking site,, for example.

“We are also pro-active in seeking online partners to market the villas. We have listings that have garnered excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and work with several travel agencies that increase the reach of the properties worldwide.

“This is really a never-ending job! Things move so fast in the internet world, whether you are talking about design or software and it is important to keep up, so we can maintain our position and improve sales.”

 This Article (C) 2011 by Ton Co., Ltd. All right reserved

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